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Ax 2009 – MorphX style Version control using TFS 2010

With multiple Ax installations, and trying to make changes to each of them, the idea of having the standard TFS implementation of version control is tedious.
So, I have recently created a version control addin for Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009 which works the same way as MorphX, except that it connects to a nominated TFS 2010 server.

So far i haven’t had any issues updating the libraries to TFS 2010, and making sure that developers do not have to create a separate environment for each and every development change they do.
The only drawback is that files are still checked out to a workspace, which means the same user cannot log into 2 different machines and edit the same class. (Yes, the TFS project will need to be set so that multiple checkouts are disallowed)

This setup, has enabled developers to smoothly use this system as they are used to the MorphX version control system, and do not have to worry about maintaining team server, or ID conflicts. There is only one AOS installed (as there is no individual environment required to be setup)

I am still looking if there is anyone out there who has implemented anything like this, or is trying to implement TFS 2010 with Dynamics ax 2009, and achieve the same interaction as MorphX.


TFS 2010 – Tips, maybe not tricks

1. Move workspace from one computer to another

Requires installation of Team Foundation Server Power tools

Copy your repository folder from the old to the new machine, and then  run tfpt

tfpt online /recursive /adds /deleted /diff

And you are ready to go.

If you want to move back tot he original machine then the same process applies