D365 Finance – Data entities – Export images

With Data management in Dynamics 365 Finance (and maybe operations) you can export images the same way you export other data. The images are exported as files, however,, they are stored in a GUID name and you have to link this on.

  1. Create an Export type Data management project
  2. Add your entities that you want to export.I will use the Re;eased product attachments entity for this. Remember to check importable fields only at this stage. ( i will be using this template to import images later
  3. Hit export and download the package
  4. Open the zipped file and and you will see 3 files and 1 folder
    a. Manifest.xml
    b. PackageHeader.xml
    c. Release product document attachment.xlsx (This contains all the records with the file name in it.)
    d. Resource folder – this contains the files (inside the folder of the entity name) without a type. You will need to match the file name against the value in the excel file under the column “AttachmentFileName”. you will need to change the name of the file and type in order to open it.

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