D365 FO EDMX / OData trimmer – Make your metadata smaller

Creating a .Net application with the OData metadata from your D365 application can generate a large file

A typical metadata file (edmx) retrieved from https://<d365url>/data/$metadata will return a file of almost 17MB. Turn that into a c# file using the T4 templates and the C# source file is almost 64MB.

After spending some time trying to reduce the EDMX file to only the entities I require (and a lot of nagging by my friend) I created a way to remove the excess entities from here. Result is a smaller EDMX file, and a more lightweight .Net application for you.

Reference this Trimmed EDMX file in your T4 template

The project and instructions can be found at my Github project EDMXTrimmer: https://github.com/shashisadasivan/EDMXTrimmer