AX2012 Terminating a compile worker


There was a time I “accidentally” closed a compiler widow of a 10 worker process in the 2nd run.
Even though the main window notified that a worker terminated without any reason code, it still continued the process and reported that the compile was successful. Including an error log with a clean compile log (except for warnings, who looks at warnings!!! πŸ˜‰ )
The next part which is compile the CIL went a bit weird.

The CIL compiler would start and AX stared at me for about a minute (as if its doing something, even the processors reported a good 98% usage for the AOS process) and then the AX screen came back to life.

The weirdness continues

  • It didn’t report anything.
  • There was no infolog to tell me that the services were generated, or the CIL compiler had failed.
  • There was nothing in the event log.
  • I even did a AOS restart with the deletion of the xppil folder, and yet I got the same result.
  • There was no CIL compiler log generated either.

So turns out (whatever happens inside the engine) that you should NEVER KILL A COMPILER WORKER WINDOW EVER !


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