AX 2012 – Add elements to version control

Ive written a few jobs to scan the AOT and add it to version control.
(manged to misplace the job a few times now)

I stumbled across the following post regarding the same: Objects not in Version Control (AX 2012)

However, i changed some code in there to make sure that the job types were valid (like DEL_ names didnt get added to version control)

Following is the change i made to the code mentioned in the link above:

    //sysTreeNode is of type SysTreeNode
    sysTreeNode = sysTreeNode::construct();
    if(sysTreeNode.canCreate() == true)
        //do something if it isn't in version control
        info(strfmt("%1 %2",pNode.treeNodePath(), modelName));
        vcsSys.commandAdd(controlable); //SHS add to version control

This job still requires refinement because it still adds Private projects which i want to avoid


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