AX 2012 – Export models in Sequence

Using powershell to import Ax model is a very straight forward approach.

I come under the situation where i have to export more than 1 model and need to let others know what sequence they go in because of their dependencies.

For this I maintain an excel sheet which the models / ID’s

So that means a few things while exporting:

1. They need to be in sequence

2. File naming conventions (Because we all have our own)

3. Painstaking process when we have to type the file name, model for each model we export.

Solution steps:

1. Powershell

2. Profits!

Ok explaining the solution, here is my powershell script which takes in the ModelId’s as a CSV string (no spaces) (so -ModelIds 32,33,45)

The database and server (database server) are defaulted (which can still be changed). Even the folder where this goes has a parameter.

It reads the modelIds that need to be exported (in the same sequence) and create file names with the suffix so that they are numbered.

You might say that if there are more than 9 models to be exported, then i need to do something with it (I havent reached that stage yet), but here is the script to share:

	$AxDBServerSource = 'SQLSERV_2012_1',
	$AxDBSource = 'ax_2012_r2_cu6_model',
#	[String]$AxDBServerDest = '.',
#	[String]
#	[Parameter(Mandatory=$true)]
#	$AxDBDest = 'AX_Standard_2012_new',
	[String]$FolderTempModelStore = 'E:\temp\shashi\models'
#Created By: Shashi Sadasivan

function deleteLocalCache {
	Write-host 'Deleting *.AUC files'
    $localAppDataDir = "$(gc env:LOCALAPPDATA)"
	del $localAppDataDir\*.auc

CLS #Clears the screen
#Load the Ax Powershell script
Write-Host 'Loading Ax powershell scripts....'
& "E:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\ManagementUtilities\Microsoft.Dynamics.ManagementUtilities.ps1"

#Printing the Details of values (Not necessary)
Write-Host 'Host Database: ' $AxDBServerSource'\'$AxDBSource
#Write-Host 'Destination Database: ' $AxDBServerDest'\'$AxDBDest
Write-Host 'Temporary folder:' $FolderTempModelStore


#Export Models from source
#Delete Contents of Folder first
Write-Host 'Deleting Contents of Folder.....'
Get-ChildItem -Path $FolderTempModelStore -Recurse | Remove-Item -Force -Recurse
Write-Host 'Exporting Models to Folder......'

$AxModelListSource = Get-AXModel -Server $AxDBServerSource -Database $AxDBSource
$sequence = 0
foreach($modelId in $ModelIds)
	$modelSource = $AxModelListSource | Where-Object {$_.ModelId -eq $modelId}
	if($modelSource -eq $null) {
		Write-Host "Model id" $modelId "not found in the application" -foregroundcolor "Red"
	else {
		#Write-Host "Export Model " $modelSource.Name
		$locFileName = "$FolderTempModelStore\$($sequence)_$($modelSource.Layer)_$($modelSource.Name)_$($modelSource.Version).axmodel"
		#Write-Host $locFileName
		#Write-Host 'Exporting Model' $modelSource.Name
		Export-AXModel -Server $AxDBServerSource -Database $AxDBSource -Model $modelSource.ModelId -File $locFileName


2 thoughts on “AX 2012 – Export models in Sequence

    1. Models in the same layer can have dependency on other models in the same layer. E.g. A model adds a field to a table that is also in the same layer but a different mode. If you only import this model in another application, it will want to create the parent elements if it doesnt exist.
      My script is not Layer specific. The naming convention adds the layer it belongs to, to add clarity, but this can be changed the way you want it.


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