AX 2009 – AIF Generation resets Web.config – Resolution

I have a scenario where i have multiple AIF Services on one machine connecting to different AOS’s

Which means every time I generate the service, the web.config file resets itself. Which means the value of BUSINESS_CONNECTOR_CONFIGURATION is blank.

That makes me Unhappy.

So that made me go digging into the service generation classes, so that I can edit the code that will make me happy. Turns out the first time the web.config file is created (I still need to work out on where the first one is created from), it saves it to the folder : C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\Application\Appl\AX_MYAPPLICATION_2009\ServiceGeneration

So the next time you generate the service, it uses this file as a master template. YES… master template. Check the code at: Classes\AifServiceConfigGenerator\getConfigFile

So when you know your appsettings, edit this web.config. Next time you generate the service, the BUSINESS_CONNECTOR_CONFIGURATION stays what it is.

This means that if you have multiple AIF sites for the same AOS, then you probably should use a UNC path to the appsettings, so that you dont have to change it on some other machines.


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