Dynamics Ax Debug logging (File based)

The need for logging in Ax for me came from the .Net world of using Debug.Writeline , and then looking up the debug values from sysInternals dbgview.
However, to make a very quick and just basic configurable logging, i went to write the logs into a file.
This is a quick and dirty way to add logging capabilities into Dynamics ax.

The project can be found at Codeplex: http://axug.codeplex.com/SourceControl/changeset/view/82084#1932052
To go on with the current logging, following is the code signature of the method to be called for passing the logging message

public static void LogMessage(str _processId, str _text = '', int _step = 0)

and logging can be called by

Logging::LogMessage("Testing Logging","Logging is great :)", 0);

The Macro values define if the logging capability is turned on, and also the filename (So it can be configured from the usr layer / production site)

I have tested this with Ax 2012 and it has worked pretty well so far, and i do not think Ax2009 should have an issue with it. This logging is so far restricted to file based logging, but I am looking at incorporating other forms like Debug.WriteLine, and will further look into incorporating log4Net (however i have a strong suspicion that this will be limited to server side, and only for Ax 2012).

Hope this brings enough joy to you out there.
Happy Logging

NOTE: before you run the test class in the project, please make sure to edit the Macro to specify the folder path (This can be set to a local directory, but please be advised, this method is “called from”)


I have now updated the code to include 2 more logging features. Along with that made changes to the method to include the type of message being passes (i.e. warning, information or error. We shall see why)

Change set: http://axug.codeplex.com/SourceControl/changeset/82210

1. Windows Event logging. – This enables you to you write into the Windows Event log directly. The log type (info , error, warning) will correlate directly to the log icons in the event viewer 🙂

2. Debug log: The most simplistic logging with .Net’s System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine is now included. Although i have seen that this also writes to the event log 😦 (as information only, probably something that is handled from x++ itself, so may not be a good idea to have it in a production server where it manages to clutter the event viewer)


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