Find unused EDT’s in Dynamics Ax

To find unused EDT’s in your Dynamics Ax application, the following code will sscan through the crossreference and display the EDT’s on screen.

Note, you will have to compile your application with crossreference turned on, otherwise you may get all your EDT’s as not used 🙂

//True if used
private boolean FindEDTUsed(extendedTypeId _id, str 40 name)
XRefNames   xRefName;
boolean ret = true;
//select firstonly xRefName where xRefName.kind == xRefKind::ExtendedType;

select firstonly xRefName
where xRefName.kind == xRefkind::ExtendedType
&& ( == name);
//|| xRefName.typeName == name);
ret = true;
ret = false;
return ret;

public void run()
Dictionary dict = new Dictionary();
int types;
int i;
int first = true;
Set         unusedEDT;
unusedEDT = new Set(Types::Integer);
//Find list of EDT
types = dict.typeCnt();
/*for(i = 11; i <= 20; i++)
info(strfmt("%1 %2", dict.typeCnt2Id(i), ""));

for(i = 1; i <= types; i++)
//process each type
if(!this.FindEDTUsed(dict.typeCnt2Id(i), dict.typeName(dict.typeCnt2Id(i))))
if(first == true)
info('Unused EDT List');
first = false;
//unusedEDT.add(dict.typeCnt2Id(i)); //store it in a set for later use

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