Dynamics Ax 2009 – Enterprise portal – Page deployment


A page in Enterprise portal is defined by 2 objects in Ax 2009

1. Web menu item URL

Path AOT –> Web –> Web Menu Items –> URLs


2. Page definition

Path AOT –> Web –> Static Files –> Page definitions


Every time a Page is changed (added / removed user controls / web parts) the page definition needs to be updated.

To do this locate the URL of the web page in the AOT

and right click –> Import


After importing the file, look at the page definition for the corresponding URL. It will not have an object in the current working Layer.



Deploying specific EP pages:

Right click on the page definition –> deploy page


This deploys the page and a message is shown

This deployment method is not supported for 64 bit machines, and some of the 64 bit machine I have worked with give issues and may not deploy. The only way to deploy it is by using the AxUpdatePortal.exe

NOTE: AxUpdatePortal.exe will redeploy the entire enterprise portal

MSDN Enterprise portal blog : http://blogs.msdn.com/b/epblog/


3 thoughts on “Dynamics Ax 2009 – Enterprise portal – Page deployment

  1. I am not able to display a standard ax report in EP.

    All those reports which are being displayed directly(i.e. those which open directly from AOT.) through ax are being displayed but am not able to display the same with sales invoice or salesconfirm.

    Can anyone please help me in this issue.


    Vikas Mehta.


    1. Standard Ax reports are not directly placed on the EP site. It usually uses the SSRS reports.

      Ax 2009 does not have Invoice and salesConfirm reports in the EP. (will be availale in Ax 2012)


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